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24 year old Jerome White is Paxton+Glew's youngest artist, who has a growing following and keen collectors around the world. The artist creates detailed miniatures with a sense of humour and amazing attention to detail.

Artist Jerome White aims to document the streets we walk and the ever changing environment we over look on a daily bases. Through first hand and photographic documentation, Jerome recreates disused, abandoned and neglected environments in miniature as a way of documenting and preserving those types of places. The miniatures he creates are then exhibited as a collection of work aided by video footage and the original photographs, really shedding light on the people and setting that surround particular environments and buildings, with a through line that connects them all.


How are you doing now?

I’m good keeping busy, I learnt how to make pizza so that’s a plus. I’ve taken up drawing so I’m trying to keep a sketchbook of portraits I do on a regular basis to rebuild the skills I learned from school. I’ve also started playing with clay again trying to incorporate sculpting into my work as I’ve always loved doing it and have had a real craving for it.

Whats lockdown like for you?

Pretty much the same as it was prior to all this, I can’t go out to get supplies, so there’s been a whole lot of deliveries to my front door. I work 3 days a week in a food warehouse and spend 4 day creating art work so there’s that. I I’d did booked 3 weeks off work to go Jamaica but that didn’t happened due to the virus, so  it ended up as a staycation, luckily it happened to fall at the begging of this lockdown, so I didn’t have to deal with the large volumes of items coming into the warehouse when people where panic buying for too long.

Are you able to work/ where is your studio normally? What's your current set up.

Yeah I’m still able to work like normal as my main work shop is a shed in my back garden and there’s a converted garage to work in for any photos or clean finishing work that needs to be done, so everything’s in arms reach.

What projects are you working on now?

I’ve been busy tinkering away at recreating an older piece in made last year, that being of my Jamaican grandparents old home for my personal collection. This one is smaller and made from more durable material so I can free up space and not worry about damaging it. I’ve also been working on some Alice in wonderland inspired pieces which I’m hoping to turn into resin pieces, and maybe extend into a photograph series.

Is lock down / coronavirus having an influence on your work?

No not really I’m trying to avoid anything virus related as I don’t think I can do anything with it that would be fun.

Which artists/ instagram accounts are you most addicted to now?

I found out recently dr Seuss had a sculpture series called unorthodox taxidermy, which I’ve become obsessed with. The characters in this collection have such quirky expressions and designs, that it got me obsessed with personal collections, leading me down the rabbit hole of cabinets of curiosity and collections in general. I pulled out my old Guillermo del Toro book about his collection and personal works and have been thumbing through that. I’ve also been watching makeup FX artist Tom Savini do tours of his home and art school and relisterning to interviews with Phil Tippett and Rick Baker the artists that got me into miniatures and puppets as a kid.

What are you listening to/ reading/ watching when you can?

I’ve been listening to a lot of hip hop, black sabbath and 60s/70s rock music, comedy podcasts and old Opie and Anthony radio shows, along with watching a documentary series called the imagineers story about the Disneyland theme parks focusing on the creatives behind their constructions.
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