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PaxtonGlew are curatorial duo Emily Paxton and Pam Glew. Emily Paxton is a photographer, educator and creative and Pam Glew is an international textile artist.

Emily and Pam met in 2004 in Brighton where they were worked as Photography and Art technicians. Since then they have remained good friends, worked as educators, started families and continued their creative careers. Emily is a freelance photographer and Lecturer who has curated pop-up exhibitions and taught numerous people their way around a camera. Pam has exhibited internationally as a textile artist and has been commissioned by brands including Armani, Ralph Lauren and Microsoft.

PaxtonGlew aim to curate immersive exhibitions by emerging and established artists, bringing art to new audiences and celebrating the breadth and diversity in new contemporary art.

The gallery at 12 Hanningtons Lane in Brighton have a rolling programme of curated shows. Exhibiting original art, paintings, prints, sculpture and jewellery, the gallery house a colourful selection of work, and show unusual miniature 3D work and artwork which uses interesting techniques.

Exhibition History

'Urban Miniatures' in 2019 was PaxtonGlew’s curatorial debut, pulling together 40 artists from the Urban and contemporary art scene. The show included an immersive model village diorama, which juxtaposed the nostalgia of model trains with Urban Art and Graffiti. The show was a Winter 2019 exhibition highlight for both contemporary art collectors and miniature fans. Household names in the street, graffiti and contemporary art scene transformed a Hornby train set; from a church, high rise buildings to a Tesco, with running trains, within a never seen before miniature diorama scene.

In the Summer of 2020 the duo embarked on the 'Vitamin Sea' project, by designing a 1:16 scalemodel Beach hut with Yeah Laser in Brighton. The kits were then  sent out to household names in the street art and contemporary art scene to paint or deconstruct, the exhibition coincided with lockdown and so became an online lockdown show which was released in June 2020. In August the pair moved into a longterm pop up gallery space at 12 Hanningtons Lane in Brighton. The first show was 'Vitamin sea' where a number of the beach huts got their first real world airing.

The gallery have since curated 'Haunted House', 'Toys', 'Wonderlush', 'Splash' and 'Roadtrip'.

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