Angela Susini was born in Florence, Italy, and grew up surrounded by Renaissance art. After winning a scholarship, she attended the iconic and famously exclusive Opificio delle Pietre Dure of Florence (which notoriously only accepts less than a handful of students every few years), obtaining a degree in paper conservation and restoration of Cultural Heritage Art from the Italian Ministry of Culture.
After receiving her degree, Susini went on to work on restoring a variety of precious masterpieces such as preparatory drawings of Italian masters for Fresco paintings, ancient globes on parchment, hand-painted wallpapers, fashion drawings, and Leonardo Da Vinci’s Resta Code.
Moving on from her background in restoration, Susini evolved into an abstract contemporary artist.
After living in Florence, the Tuscan countryside, Japan, Paris, and London, she is now based in Brighton & Hove. 
Clients & Collaborations:
Aside from gracing Wolfox cafes and restaurants such as Kusaki in Brighton, The Claremont Hotel, and The Holy Art Fair in the Oxo Tower- London. Angela Susini's art has appeared on high-profile television shows like Netflix's You. Among her most notable collaborations is an art and textile design collection with BMW, where she contributed her art to a clothing collection.
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