Cassia Beck

Cassia Beck

Cassia Beck is a collage artist and has been creating hand cut paper works for two decades, even while studying for her degree in workshop ceramics.

Her collage work is made by hand. It is playful with an occasional splash of humour and satisfies her desire to scavenge in junk shops and car boot sales for interesting paper finds. Cassia is inspired by 1960/70s graphic design and old Penguin book cover designs. Bold colourful shapes combined with black and white images or figures placed in
unusual settings have become her signature style.

Swimmers are a large focus in Cassia's work but portraits in any form have always been her favourite subject. Cassia cuts people out of their existing context and creates new scenes using bold shapes and movement. There is often a sense of danger within her work, usually relating to height which is something Cassia fears herself.

Cassia has shown her work in various exhibitions in Sussex, London and Canada. She was recently selected to exhibit in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibtion in London which opens on the 18th of June.
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