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I’m Print maker with a  propensity towards cyanotypes. While I teach screen printing and produce work for people via that medium - I always fall back on Cyanotypes as being my primary creative output. My favourite thing in the world is listening to good music and just being creative in some form or another. It’s peaceful, meditative and a deep compulsion.
I absolutely love the depth and richness of colour that the cyanotype process produces, as well as the gestural brush strokes and mark making. The fact that they sit somewhere between painting, photography and printmaking is also something I like about the process.
I really like having constraints within creativity – a blank canvas and infinite possibility can be a daunting prospect, so being tied to say, a specific colour, is actually quite freeing
I spend a lot of time painting abstract pieces – it’s basically meditation through mark making, but it’s nothing I’d be proud enough to put into the public eye – but this definitely informs the work I produce. I actually make lots of different things, from abstract painting to collage to screenprints to illustrations and typographic work. But I always find solace in cyanotyping – it hits all the right notes for me creatively – it’s digital and analogue, painterly and expressive. It’s also slightly unpredictable.

Craig Keenan lockdown interview

Craig Keenan lockdown interview
We caught up with Craig Keenan in the UK lockdown 30/4/2020

How are you doing now?
I am doing well! I had the virus about a week before lockdown, and I’m back to full health!

Whats lockdown like for you?
Not too bad actually! Im pretty lucky as we have a nice garden area and the weather has been grand so I'm able to continue making work on a small scale. Which is keeping me sane!

Are you able to work/ where is your studio normally? What's your current set up.
I'm usually based up at print club London so im missing the social element of working in a shared creative space. Like I mentioned if the weather is good then im able to make cyanotypes still. I’ve made a very basic 'exposure unit' and the company who make my negatives are still running so ive been lucky there too.

What projects are you working on now?
I’m working on a number of projects at the moment actually! Good old forced isolation has spurred me on to keep myself as busy as possible - im working on my beach hut! ; ) I’ve also lined up a tasty little collaboration with the infamous Dave Buonaguidi. Amongst working on a couple of documentaries looking into creatives on lock down.

Is lock down / coronavirus having an influence on your work?

Absolutely it is, I don’t think anyone (literally anyone) can say whatever they’re doing has been unaffected by what’s going on. I made a piece in direct response to my own situation of being unwell, as a riff on an earlier piece I’d made which proved to be quite popular. (The little ghost tissue fella)

Which artists/ instagram accounts are you most addicted to now?

My new fave instagram account is @lucy.pass.artist her work is stunning and I’m trying to buy one of her pieces but they sell out in seconds.

What are you listening to/ reading/ watching when you can?
I listen to a lot of podcast, and a lot of them are true crime, I highly recommend Small Town Dicks - its presented by Yeardly Smith (Lisa Simpson) along with actual detectives so you hear cases from the point of view of law enforcement which is absolutely fascinating.

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