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Combining seemingly disparate elements from a wide range of found imagery, Eelus's strange and colourful visual language is an insight into his neurodivergent thinking. His studio practice becoming a form of therapy as he searches for a sense of balance through his use of colour and composition that he applies to prints, paintings, murals and 3D work.
He's painted and exhibited worldwide alongside key figures within the urban contemporary movement, the desirability of his work evident in the success of his solo exhibitions and sell-out print editions.
He currently lives in Brighton, UK.

Lockdown Interview with Eelus

In the global Lockdown due to coronavirus, we touched base with our artists and asked them all how they were doing. It was an interesting insight into the lives of artists in a very turbulent time. Artist have different experiences of lockdown, but each met their new normal with good humour and a desire to continue working amid the constraints of lockdown. 

11 May 2020

PG- How are you doing now?

We’re generally well. There's food in the cupboards, a nice small garden that opens onto a small secluded park, we’re very lucky. There’s ups and downs which is natural when you’re cooped up like this, but we’re getting through it ok.

PG- Whats lockdown like for you?

Well all routine has gone out of the window and I’ve been struggling with that as routine helps me stay focused and productive. My partner and I flip-flop from day to day with who gets to go for a run, who walks the dog (he won’t run, lazy sod), and who takes our daughter out for fresh air and a run around. By the time all those things are done, the coffee has been made and other family matters have been dealt with, I’m finally sitting down to ‘work' at about 11-11:30am.

I’m the kind of person who needs time alone, I’ve put a lot of work into engineering my life in a way that allows that to happen, but other than a quick run or dog walk, there’s no real alone time at the moment. So there’s a few things that are challenging me in a few different ways, but I’m trying to stay relaxed about the whole thing, to stay flexible and just go with the situation without putting too much pressure on myself.

PG- Are you able to work/ where is your studio normally? What's your current set up.

I’ve brought my computer home from the studio and have that set-up downstairs. We don’t have the luxury of a spare room where I can lock myself away, so I’m down in the thick of it all, which makes any kind of work almost impossible as I now have a 3 year old studio manager who insists on making changes to anything I do and demands regular ‘meetings’.

My studio is only a 10 minute walk away and once I’m in the building and behind my own door, and I’m completely isolated. The problem is my spray-booth where I do all my painting is set up in a communal area, right beside the main entrance to the building. And just walking to and from the studio was filling me with guilt for not staying home so I haven’t been going in unless absolutely necessary. It’s getting to a point where I’m going to have to start going back in as I’m really limited to what I can get done at home and my to-do list is growing by the day.

What projects are you working on now?

I have a new print edition in progress which should hopefully be ready in 2-3 weeks time as well as a few private commissions on the go. It feels like a good time to take stock of where things are and where I want them to be, but having a quiet moment to myself for productive, focused planning is proving tricky.

PG- Is lock down / coronavirus having an influence on your work?

t’s just making me want to produce more work centred on inspiring positivity and joy. I want to help people in any way I can, and the escapism and joy that art can bring is something very personal to me that I can hopefully offer to others.  

PG- Which artists/ instagram accounts are you most addicted to now?

@quentinblakehq and @artofmm (Mike Mignolla) have been my favourite Instagram feeds by far over the past few weeks; both have been consistently brilliant and a real source of pleasure for me.

PG- What are you listening to/ reading/ watching when you can?

When I get out for my run or I’m walking the dog I enjoy listening to podcasts like The Blindboy podcast, Adam Buxton, Rich Roll Feel Better Live More, Creative Pep Talk, 13 Minutes to the Moon. I’m also a big fan of audiobooks and I’m currently on ‘If It Bleeds’ by Stephen King.

Books, I’m reading ‘Wool’ by Hugh Howey and ‘Drawn To Life - 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes’ by Walt Stanchfield.

We just finished season 3 of Ozark which I enjoyed. I’m trying to enjoy The Mandolorian but I’m still on the fence with that one. Also just started Alex Garland’s ‘Devs' series which seems interesting. We throw the towel in around 3:30pm and let Pearl watch a movie which gives us a while to get stuff done or just re-charge. I’d say Trolls is her current no.1. The soundtrack is starting to drive us slowly insane.

PG- Anything else you’d like to add?

Stay safe, stay sensible, and stay flexible. Bend with the pressures of the situation, don’t let them snap you. Take time to reflect and be grateful. Be kind to yourself and others. I’m in no position to be offering life advice in any situation, especially during a pandemic, but these are things I’m trying to remind myself of daily. I’m guessing they’re pretty universal right now.

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