Mark McClure

Mark McClure

Mark McClure
Mark McClure embraces public art alongside surface design, sculpture and gallery works, all in his distinctive geometric style. He has exhibited widely both in the UK and Internationally. With a background in visual design and working with wood, paint and other materials – Mark collaborates with interior designers, architects and public bodies to bring the bold, geometric works to both private and public spaces in the form of murals,
3D structures, wooden feature walls and commissioned artworks.
These resulting works blend the structural shapes of the built environment and graphic elements such as signage, letterforms, chevrons and road markings - to create abstract works that play with the idea of landscape via a distilled visual language. They both stimulate and complement through their use of bold geometry, materials and colour – reflecting the architecture and shapes of the spaces they inhabit.


We caught up with Mark just as the the UK lockdown was easing, 1 June 2020.

How are you doing now?
I’m on high alert and my hands are spotless. I’m fine when I’m ignoring the news - but less fine when I hear Boris’s nonsense about the current mess we’re in.
I’ve made a point of not listening to the ramblings - so on average, I’m not too bad thanks.

Whats lockdown like for you?
It started out a bit like the quiet patches that us creative folk get in between bodies of work, projects or other deadlines.
I finished a big project over the Winter - and had planned to have a few months of downtime - but somewhere much closer to the equator!
I got loads of DIY done - and some of the other lockdown cliches like yoga, bread baking etc but now things are looking to be more long term
I’m getting into a routine of planning and starting new works. I managed to get a new bike before the shops sold out - so I’ve been cycling a lot.

Are you able to work/ where is your studio normally? What's your current set up.
I stayed away for a few weeks and had a small set up at home - even though my Hackney studio was open. But I’ve been getting back into the studio
over the past few weeks - I’ve started screen printing again. It feels good to be out of the flat now that lockdown is easing - and there’s less chance of
me murdering my neighbours.

What projects are you working on now?
Because I was supposed to be out of the country - I didn’t have anything lined up for the near future other than a mural in Colombia (sob!)
Instead I’ve been working on my beach hut for the Vitamin Sea exhibition with you guys - and planning more print and sculpture experiments.
I’ver got a possible exciting mural project on the horizon - and I’m also starting to think about a joint exhibition with Jo Peel at Ben Oakley Gallery
in Greenwich, London in September (social distancing allowing of course)

Is lock down / coronavirus having an influence on your work?

Definitely. The limitations on making large sculptures and installations mean I’m putting more energy into smaller works to go online,
and also considering the fact that people will be more careful with their money both now and for the foreseeable future. The whole landscape
has changed - and I can’t see things going back to how they were - so it’s time to change things up and adapt. I like to think that in
amongst all the madness there will be some change for good - both in the art world and other areas of our lives. Maybe restrictions will lead to
less crowded galleries with more space to actually view the art - and more art enriching our outdoor spaces… so it’s not all doom & gloom!

Which artists/ instagram accounts are you most addicted to now?

I’ve been trying to avoid the virtual world to some extent - but one notable exception is @Phlegm with his funny, often brutal, lockdown drawings.

What are you listening to/ reading/ watching when you can?
Listening - I’ve found Detroit electronic stuff like Drexciya & Moodymann is the perfect pace to belt around a traffic free London on a bike.
Watching - I’ve been working through Ozark on Netflix. I started on the Tiger King - but found it far too depressing.
Reading - 'Everybody Lies' by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz - about how Google search data reflects how people really think. Pretty poignant given recent events in the US.

And anything else you'd like to add!
Stay alert. Wash your socks. Kick out the Tories.

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