Static Biog

Static Biog
S T A T I C  (welikestatic) is the combined creative output of Craig Evans & Tom Jackson.
Founded in 2006 in a derelict block of flats with a sea view, S T A T I C  have worked with a number of international galleries and have painted murals in the UK and as far away as Japan.
They have been based in London since 2008 and as well as being founding members of Wood Street Walls, spent 2 months renovating a disused school building to create a shared workspace - Wood Street Studios - which opened its doors in 2017.
S T A T I C  have built a reputation based on high production quality and a keen eye for detail, not only for the artworks they have made for galleries and private collections, but also for the murals and public art projects they have completed over the years.
Their use of layered glass and assemblage has defined a style that has allowed them to explore a number of themes loosely reflective of urban tribes and trends, creating a unique visual language which continues to evolve as they challenge themselves to build on their past experiences and search for new stories to tell.
The "Chinook Chandelier" logo has represented S T A T I C  since 2006 and continues to carry their message where ever they go. The two-part design reflects the duality of their working relationship and can be read in many ways but should never be turned upside down...   
Exhibitions to date include the UK, Japan, Singapore, Italy, the US, India and Russia.

Static Interview

Static Interview
We caught up with Static in the UK Lockdown. 4/ May/ 2020.

How are you doing now?
Still adjusting to the surreal nature of the situation, missing the studio, dreaming of painting walls, baffled by the flour shortage...

Whats lockdown like for you?
C. The worst part is seeing my local (The Royal Sovereign) every time I look out of the window and not being able to pop down there and meet friends to catch up over a couple of cold ones.
T. On a whole its been ok and we have been lucky not to get ill, but keeping two little boys occupied while cooped up has been a challenge... not to mention the home schooling!

Are you able to work/ where is your studio normally? What's your current set up.
We've been trying to keep creative and worked on some designs ready for when we can get back outside together, but obviously as there's two of us, we're usually in the same place - at Wood Street Studios in Walthamstow - which means we're able to bounce things around and get into that "work" mentality a lot easier.

What projects are you working on now?
2020 has been a bit of a turbulent year in terms of projects, even before Covid starting sweeping the planet. But we're currently working on designs for 3 new murals for spots in West London which have been keeping us busy and there's a handful of other smaller projects that we're still hopeful will come to fruition.

Is lock down / coronavirus having an influence on your work?

It has in terms of all the projects we had lined up for March have been paused so we're in a weird state of hibernation. Hopefully if/ when the lockdown is eased we can hit the ground running.

Which artists/ instagram accounts are you most addicted to now?

The London Police

What are you listening to/ reading/ watching when you can?
C. Purely by chance, I'm reading back to back autobiographies - last week it was Benjamin Zephaniah's 'The Life and Rhymes of...' and now Hayao Miyazaki's 'Starting Point 1979 - 1996' - plus dipping into Bill Bryson's 'The Body' every now and then which provides an informing and entertaining insight into ourselves and the people who have helped us learn so much about how the human body works. Who else knew that the bloke who illustrated 'Grey's Anatomy' (incidentally, not its namesake) Henry Vandyke Carter was originally from Hull and retired to Scarborough where he is buried?
T. Currently reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight but mostly watching kids programs - although have snuck in Mandalorian and obviously had to watch 'Tiger King' (when the kids are asleep)!

And anything else you'd like to add!

C. Try this - it's delicious:
spiced aubergine and tomatoes with yogurt recipe

T. I dont think I appreciated how hard it is to be a school teacher, hats off to them!!!
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